About Us

In August 1991 the session and members of the former Salem Presbyterian Church elected to dissolve their congregation. At the stated fall meeting of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, Salem Presbyterian Church’s petition to dissolve its membership was officially endorsed. The New Church Development Commission of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta subsequently decided to develop a new church on the Salem site. In March 1993 the New Church Development Commission submitted a recommendation to the Presbytery’s Council that the Reverend Mark A. Lomax be called to serve the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta as a new church development pastor for “New” Salem Presbyterian Church.

Reverend Lomax arrived on the field on April 15, 1993 and began the work, along with committed family members, friends and a few former members of the dissolved Salem congregation, of evangelizing the community surrounding the church. The first worship service was held just two weeks later. Forty-eight of the seventy-three people present expressed interest in helping to develop a new congregation. A steering committee consisting of twelve people was immediately formed. The steering committee, in cooperation with Reverend Lomax and Minister Vanessa G. Knight, developed mission and vision statements and led the congregation through the process of selecting an appropriate name for the church. The steering committee also provided leadership in nominating and electing the very first class of elders for the emerging congregation.

On the second Sunday in December 1993, The Presbytery of Greater Atlanta issued an official charter to the new congregation. The name, “First African” was officially adopted by the congregation and the Reverend Mark A. Lomax was installed as pastor. Over the years First Afrikan Church has continued to grow, we cannot say what we will be when the cosmic curtain is closed on this age; but we know that God is shaping and molding us in accordance with the Divine will as together we continue fighting the beautiful fight of the faith.