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If you would like to know more about First Afrikan Church, we welcome you to come experience our mission first hand; Sunday services begin at 10:00am and you are officially invited! 

If you would like to get in on the discussion of our teaching and learning, feel free to attend any of our 1pm and  7pm Wednesday Bible study classes guided by one of our church leaders. For more information on these and other opportunities to be a part of this movement, make note of bible study session dates at the CALENDAR.

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Liturgical Season – Transformation / Induction-Celebration

The symbol that typifies this period


– Court Attendants Hair Style – Symbol of SERVICE and LOYALTY

Nkotimsefo mpua can be translated to mean the court attendants’ hair style.

The symbol represents service and loyalty, and is meant to encourage the people to remain patriotic and uphold the honor of their land.

Liturgical Calendar

Mission Statement:

First Afrikan Church is an Africentric Christian Ministry that empowers women, men youth and children to move from membership to leadership in the church, community and the world.

Daily Verse (NRSV):