Umoja at the Shrine

A Seven Day Community Celebration – 960 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd. Atlanta’s West End

Join us for a Community Celebration of Kwanzaa – A host of cultural artists, drummers, dancers and singers will share their talents. Vendors of cultural attire, art, jewelry, music, videos , food, and health and beauty products will be on hand.

Hosted by the Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural Center & Bookstore

Umoja Co-Host: Queen Ali

Keynote Speaker: Rev. Sandy Rodgers (Sandy Rodgers Ministries)

Guest Speakers: Rev. Linda La Boyd founder of Reiki Vibrations and Noni Love, founder of the The Core Total Body Salon and Wellness Spa

This free event will be held from 6-10pm

For more information, call 404 549-8676 or 404   444 6696