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July 28, 2024    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


First Afrikan Church
5197 Salem Road, Stonecrest, GA, 30083

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Welcome back to in-person services

Social distancing and mask-wearing are encouraged

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Summer 2024 Sermon Series

Multi-dimensional Sanctification

Yeshua’s Travel Narrative

Luke 9:51-19:41

Multi-dimensional sanctification means that the biblical notion of sanctification is and should be evident in every aspect of one’s life. A person is set apart by Oludumare, for Oludumare, from the moment one believes. This set-apart-ness becomes the new reality and the primary commitment in life. Everything a person does therefore, is for Oludumare.

In the Christian tradition, we teach that we have been sanctified by faith in Oludumare through the Christ. We are being sanctified because we live by faith in Oludumare. And we will be sanctified because of the hope for relationship with Oludumare lives in us. Practically, sanctification means that our whole life is given, first and foremost, to Oludumare. Our relationship with Oludumare is the most important reality precisely because from the moment we chose to believe in Oludumare, Oludumare also and simultaneously chose to accept us.

At First Afrikan we talk about “multi-dimensional” sanctification because we believe that there is no aspect of human experience that is exempt from the commitment we made to Oludumare by faith. Everything we say and do should be filtered through that primary commitment as we ask ourselves, “how is Oludumare honored by this thought, that activity, this feeling?

There are two ways we teach the principle of multi-dimensional sanctification at First Afrikan Church. The first is through the Nguzo Saba, the seven principles of an annual cultural celebration called “Kwanzaa.” The second is by teaching the religious principles of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) deity known as Ma’at. When culture is married to religion in this way, we have in essence the beginning of what Baba Medahochi Kofi Zannu called “new African.” “New African” is how Baba Medahochi described the way(s) Africans in the diaspora inscribed alternate ways of being together despite the traumas of capture, torture and enslavement.

In this sermon and study series we will investigate the “Travel Narrative” of Yeshua found in the Gospel of Luke chapters 9:51-19:41. Yeshua is the exemplar of the attitudes, dispositions and behaviors found in Ma’at and the Nguzo Saba. That is, following Yeshua is not in any way in conflict with core Afrikan principles. In fact, following the teachings of Yeshua assures alignment with the core Africentric principles we teach at First African Church.

The Sermon & Study Series

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