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Sunday Worship Service

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In-Person Services 2nd and 4th Sundays

In person services (2nd and 4th Sundays) will return to the parking lot beginning this week. Those desiring to sit on the lawn may do so. If in close proximity of non-family members, masks are required

The Delight, Difficulty and Danger of Following Yeshua

Fall Sermon Series

This fall the preachers and teachers of First Afrikan Church will focus their attention on the ministry of Yeshua as it is revealed in the Gospel of Mark. The following biblical texts are drawn for the Revised Common Lectionary produced by an ecumenical group called “The Consultation on Common Texts.” The Revised Common Lectionary has been in use by most mainline denominations since 1992. Its purpose is to expose the church to the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) as well as much of the Old Testament, the Psalms, and the Epistles over a three-year period.

This series will highlight the life of Yeshua as he approached the cross where he would be crucified. It will not only provide insight into the life and work of Yeshua, but it will also reveal the difficulties and dangers to which his followers were exposed and invited. It is truly our prayer that we will re-consider Yeshua in a world where too many have Americanized, commodified, and simplified him and his ministry to appease the status quo and get paid by unwitting, uninformed, and all too compliant church folk. It is also our prayer that we will all be inspired to follow this N.E. Afrikan teacher, healer and revolutionary.

From the time of the apostle Paul, who was the first to write about the life and ministry of Yeshua, (though he did not know Yeshua personally), up to this very day biblical scholars as well as many others who study the Christian faith professionally, have debated both the historicity of the biblical texts about him as well as what his life and ministry meant and means. At First Afrikan Church, we have delved deeply into the life of the historical Yeshua and recognized that his person and ministry were revolutionary by any measure. As a revolutionary peasant and prophet of the first century, he confronted, like other Jewish prophets before him, the injustices in both the Jewish Temple and the Roman state. Consequently, his life, and the lives of those who followed him by living in accordance with the principles he taught, was constantly in danger.

In America pastors, scholars, and the public tend to focus solely on the “spiritual” implications of the life of Yeshua while ignoring the social, political, economic, and even the religious implications of his life and work. Far too many Christians in America align the life and work of Yeshua to American civic religion which is comprised of the religious values of the nation expressed through rituals, holiday commemorations, and the like. Indeed, the individualism, capitalism, and consumerism (to name a few) which are endemic to American culture, combine to wrest Yeshua out of his first century social and historical context and impose on him and his teaching values that he did not know and would not have accepted.

This sermon and study series will reacquaint us with the Palestinian peasant from Nazareth. It will endeavor to reveal Yeshua in the world in which he actually lived and expose the implications of his teaching and preaching for those of his own time. From there, we will extrapolate the meaning of his life and ministry for our own time. We will hopefully find in Yeshua’s life and ministry reasons to hope. We will also be challenged to dig a bit deeper into what it means to be followers of a revolutionary who love the Creator and the Creator’s children more than life itself.