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Sunday Worship Service


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Sermon and Study Series

August 7 – October 2, 2022

This selection of scripture lessons are drawn from the Revised Common Lectionary. Though these scriptures were all written several thousand years ago, they reveal that the struggles between good and evil, a just God and unjust human beings, is perennial. Human beings, according to the scriptures, have never been particularly faithful to the Divine even though the Divine has always been faithful to human beings.

The Gospel lessons are all drawn from the middle of the Book of Luke. There, Yeshua is equipping his students/disciples for the coming Kin-dom (a reality where human relationships, and the relationship of humans with the Divine, are prioritized). The Hebrew Bible lessons are from Jeremiah and Habakkuk respectively. In both instances the prophets speak with a sense of urgency as the people are about to experience Divine judgement. In the gospel lessons, as well as the lessons from Hebrew Bible, the respective communities of faith are oblivious of the moral and spiritual morass responsible for impending Divine judgement.

As national and global climate impacts are experienced due to the greed for money, power, and privilege by a few, the many suffer as the elite seem to go free. The fact of the matter is all people suffer – but the poor suffer more. And though the impacts from climate change are felt more by the poor and the oppressed, the filthy rich are principally responsible for the problems. Just as in scripture the rich and the poor, relatively powerless as well as powerful people incur Divine judgment. Neither Yeshua or the Creator offer answers that solve for this seeming conundrum. Both Hebrew Bible prophets as well as Yeshua repeatedly call all people, regardless of their station in life, to repentance (which carries with it the responsibility for reparations). So, where is the hope?

The hope that I am sure Yeshua possessed is that the poor and oppressed, wherever they are found, will form and maintain an alternate reality (to Empire) which Yeshua named the “Reigndom/Kingdom” of YHWH. The hope is that we will see and utilize all of the resources at our disposal to finally and fully overcome the spirit of oppression. The hope is, as Luke indicates in the beginning of his gospel, “Emmanuel” – God is With Us!

  Sermon and Study Series

Sunday, August 7

Luke 12:32-40 (Readiness for the Kin-dom)

Sunday, August 14

Luke 12:49-56 (Sign of God’s Coming Reign)

Sunday, August 21

Luke 13:10-17 (Freedom: Moving From Crippling Oppression to Walking in Freedom)

Sunday, August 28

Luke 14:1,- 7-14 (Humility; Upsetting the Applecart of Arrogance)

Sunday, September 4

Luke 14:25-33 (The Cost of Discipleship: It Ain’t About Money, It’s About Commitment)

Bible Study & Sermon Series

Wednesday, September 7  Bible Study begins

Sunday, September 11

Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28 (Judgement By the Hand of an Angry God)

Wednesday, September 14  Bible Study

Sunday, September 18

Jeremiah 8:189:1

Wednesday, September 21  Bible Study

Sunday, September 25

Luke 16:19-31 (We Can’t Take “it: With Us)

Wednesday, September 28  Bible Study

Sunday, October 2nd

Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4 (The Tyranny of the Unjust, the Vindication of the Just)