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The Red Letter Sayings of Yeshua

Introduction to the Sermon Series

In a world where Yeshua (Hebrew for the English noun, “Jesus”) is wrapped in the garment of white, male, evangelical patriarchy and used to support and promote so-called “white supremacy” as well as capitalism, white American racist violence, white Christian nationalism, and the summary attempt to subjugate Afrikan, Latino, and First Nation peoples, it is important to return to the sayings of Yeshua. In this study and sermon series we will situate both Yeshua and his sayings in their historic cultural, economic, political and military contexts as we endeavor to discern, as teachers and community, what they meant and therefore what they mean in our contemporary experience.

Yeshua was a Palestinian peasant and a subject of the Roman Empire. As such he endured the varied oppressions suffered by poor and subjugated peoples historically. His experience of the world had a significant impact on his view of the world as well as how he saw the Creator and what he had to say to those who followed him. Any careful study of the life of Yeshua would reveal that he was not an “American,” a “capitalist,” a Republican or a Democrat. Indeed he was principally a prophet of YHWH who stood in the tradition of John the Baptist and came to call, not all people, but his people, particularly the religious leaders, to repentance before the Creator. His call for repentance meant that his people should return to the path of justice where all are treated equitably, receiving what they need from God’s good creation to sustain themselves and their families.

This series is called “the red letter sayings of Yeshua” because in many bibles words attributed to Yeshua are printed in red ink. From a purely academic perspective, there are a myriad of historical and literary problems with the red letter sayings of Yeshua. This series will not examine the problems. What this series will do is contrast the the sayings of Yeshua with the assumptions we make about who he was, what he did, and what he said. More than that, this series is designed to invite everyone who engages it, into relationship with a radical, revolutionary, North East Afrikan freedom fighter of the first century of the common era, whose ancestral and spiritual legacy reached back to ancient  Kemet (Egypt).

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Biblical Texts and Sermon Titles

Sunday, September 6th

Biblical Text: Matthew 6:25-33

Sermon Title: What Happens When God Is Not First

Sunday, September 13th

Biblical Text: Matthew 5:10

Sermon Title: Black People are Blessed!

Sunday, September 20th

Biblical Text: Matthew 8:34-37

Sunday, September 27th

Biblical Text: John 14:1-7

Sermon Topic: Yeshua: The Way

Sunday, October 4th

Biblical Text: Mark 11:20-25

Sermon Title: Have Faith in God

Sunday, October 11th

Biblical Text: John 4:13-14

Sunday, October 18th

Biblical Text: Luke 5:31-32

Sunday, October 25th

Biblical Text: John 16:33