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Sunday Worship Service

Online Broadcast every Sunday on Facebook and YouTube


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2nd and 4th Sundays

In-Person @ 9:30am – On the front lawn

(Bring your own chairs. If set up a tent, please use that parking lot and be set-up by 9:15am.)

Walking the Spiritual Life

Summer Sermon Series, Part I

 This sermon series calls us to pause and take a serious look at how we walk. In the Greek New Testament the word peripateo is translated by the English word “walk.” Yet, the English word “walk” fails to completely capture the nuances of the Greek word.

With the exception of those times when the biblical writer is describing the literal physical activity of walking there is often a deeper metaphorical meaning lying underneath the word. Phrases like “walk in the Spirit” and “walk in the light” are intended to convey a way of life, a consciousness, an awareness of the presence and power of Holy Spirit as one lives in and engages the world. “Walking,” then, is a way of invoking (pulling down in consciousness) the presence of Spirit and mentally holding on to that awareness in and during our every engagement. Walking is not a “one and done” activity. It is more a practice, a spiritual discipline that takes time and God’s grace to actually do with any consistency at all.

During this series FAC ministers will help us to investigate what it is to walk the spiritual life. Our eyes are constantly being drawn to the material, to the external, to the physical realm of our collective existence. Such ocular-centered activity locks us into superficiality – we remain blind to the things of God. In the life of the Spirit, walking requires sight –not the sight of the literal eye, but inner sight, the capacity to see what the eyes cannot detect. Walking the spiritual life then, is a call, a challenge, to go deeper in ourselves and in our engagement of the world around us.

To continue that good work Jesus started is illustrated in our adinkra symbol for this season. The symbol, Nko-tee-m-see-fo M-poo-a represents service and loyalty; Walking the Spiritual Life requires us to service with a level of consistency and quality that represents our faithfulness to God.

Through the Holy Spirit, we are transformed from a deadly state of indifference toward the oppression and death we see around us into living, anointed and committed disciples. In the power of the Holy Spirit, we think, speak and act in ways that demonstrate the victorious living of a chosen people who know from whence we have come and to where we are going.