Mid-Day Bible Study, Nov 7 & 14

Mid-Day Bible Study, Wednesdays Nov. 7 & 14, 2018 at 1pm only in the Vanessa Knight Building Main Class Room.

Topic: The Bible – our companion as we continue to walk in the power of the Afrikan Holy Ghost. Facilitator – Elder Carvel BennettWhether you believe the Bible to be “the inspired word of God’ or “the infallible word of God”, it still remains the “sacred text” for millions of Afrikans in the United States, the Caribbean, and across the Afrikan Diaspora. This special 2 week mid-day bible study will facilitate discussion and study on (Nov. 7): (a) the Bible as infallible/inspired word of God (b) What is the Bible? (c) formation of the Biblical Canon; (Nov. 14) (a) How to study the Bible from an Africentric perspective, with emphasis on Afrikan morals and ethics (b) Identifying additional resources to aid in our understanding of the Bible (c) A look at other ancient texts including The Husia, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  Lunch will be served beginning around 12:15pm

Every Wednesday

Until: November 21, 2018

Time: 01:00pm

Place: First Afrikan Church - VKB