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2022 Shabbat Observance

FAC SHABBAT Season Booklet 2022(click to download PDF)


The First Afrikan Shabbat (or Sabbath) was conceived and developed by the First Afrikan staff in the Fall of 2003. As we thought and prayed together about ways to further empower First Afrikan members spiritually, it occurred to us to develop and provide First Afrikan families with a resource that would:

  1.  Assist them in growing spiritually;
  2.  Build stronger familial bonds;
  3.  Provide periodic times of rest throughout the year;
  4.  Teach the First Afrikan liturgical calendar called Afrikan Rhythms;
  5.  Reflect on the church’s Theme for the year; and
  6.  Further empower the church membership as a whole to achieve our collective vision of “Building Beyond our Years.”

The First Afrikan Shabbat is different from and similar to the Shabbats we read about in the Bible and observe among our sisters and brothers of the Jewish faith. The First Afrikan Shabbat is different from those we read about in Scripture or observe in the practices of contemporary Jews because of the proposed time sequences. At First Afrikan we observe Shabbat during the month of January. In Judaism, Shabbat is a weekly observance that begins at sundown on Friday evening and ends at sundown on Saturday evening. Further, contemporary Jews do no work on the Shabbat whereas members of First Afrikan must work due to the length of time our Shabbat lasts.

First Afrikan’s Shabbat is similar to the Shabbat we read about in scripture and observe among our sisters and brothers in contemporary Judaism because it is a time for families and close friends to come together to remember their ancestral past, celebrate their collective covenant with the Creator, sing songs of the faith, reflect on the church’s theme for the year, and share a common meal.

A key feature of First Afrikan’s Shabbat is family time. Shabbat is a time during which parents should be intentional about reconnecting with their children and, assuring that their children understand the importance of spiritual growth and development as it relates to their life’s purposes. The fact that Shabbat is family time does not preclude its importance to single people who live by themselves. Such persons should use Shabbat time to reconnect with close friends and family members around the spiritual principles and practices offered in this document.

Harambee!  Shabbat is a time to come together spiritually, that we might live, work and play together physically.

Pastor Lomax

Every Saturday

Until: January 31, 2022

Place: First Afrikan Church