Center for Afrikan Biblical Studies Presents:

Ancestral Voices: Standing In The Legacy of Black Prophetic Voices:

Greetings First Afrikan Family

As you listen to this video, let us be reminded that this Messiah of the Age, this Avatar has come!
Asante Sana Baba Stevie Wonder–You Are A True Forerunner!
Ancestral Blessings
Mama Itihari

In Honor of Pastor Dr. Mark Ogunwale Lomax enjoy a CFABS presentation of. “The Lomax Klan” A Brief History.

As we celebrate the Liturgical Season Victorious Living the Season of Return enjoy the video prepared by CFABS entitled “Familiar Waters”

In preparation for the 2015 Ancestral Walk CFABS put together a Infovideo for the September Bible Study as a reminder that Black Church-Black Lives Matter

Understanding our rich history means making time to practice “Followership” with the voices that have spoken so clearly.  They tell us powerfully with passion and creativity as movement of time unfolds our past to paint clarity into our future and we are urged to be “Backward Never but Forward Ever!” This week watch and listen as we consider our “Ancestral Leadership as Followership.”



The Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Union has produced many activist clergy. Dr. Proctor was also mentor to Dr. Martin L. King Jr., Dr. Jeremiah Wright and so many others.: The Scratch Line” Rev. Dr. Samuel Dewitt Proctor–SDPC


February, 15th:

Ella Jo Baker:  Our Beloved Ancestor teaches us what it means to be a leader in our struggle for freedom and liberation.


February 8th:

Dr. King Said It: I’m Black and I’m Proud!: