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Why do we care if Jesus was black?

Taken from: Why Do We Care If Jesus Was Black? by by Mashaun D. Simon 

Was Jesus black?

It is the age old question that has generated years and years of debate. But according to most scholars, the answer is not a difficult one.

“Jesus was definitely a person of color,” said Rev. Dr. Mark A. Lomax, pastor of First Afrikan Presbyterian Church in Lithonia, GA.

The question has been discussed for centuries. And it prompts another debate: Why does Jesus’ race matter?

According to Lomax, who is also an Associate Professor at the Interdenominational Theological Center, there is no historical matter that gives a clue of Jesus’ phenotype.

“But one thing that is known for sure, Jesus was not European. His people came from Egypt...

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Love and Mercy on the Journey – Part 2

The fifth sermon in Dr. Lomax’s ‘The Journey’ series, reminds us that there is also love and mercy on the Journey.

This is part 2 of the fifth segment to be continued on next week.

May these words bless you with power.

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