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Where Do We Go From Here?

On Wednesday November 9, 2016 America and the world woke up to the reality of a president-elect whose campaign rhetoric exposed him as xenophobic, patriarchal, sexist, and misogynist. Worse still, the president-elect has chosen an avowed and vocal (cf. white nationalist to be his chief strategist- Mr. Steven Bannon. And if the president-elect keeps his promise to appoint Rudolph Giuliani as attorney general, “stop and frisk” and the “rule of law” will be the means by which a racist, sexist, anti-immigrant and homophobic agenda will be carried out. Taken together these facts mean that the white supremacist sentiments that have been hiding underground for the past fifty-years are now evident for all to see.

We watched as many white and politically conservative evangeli...

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Bearing Witness Anyway

There can be no question that Black skin is criminalized in America. Professor Khalil Gibran Muhammed has written a brilliant text entitled The Condemnation of Blackness (2010) that astutely chronicles the history of white supremacist public policies aimed at the re-enslavement of Black people by attaching crime and criminality to skin color. Once African sisters and brothers are incarcerated on felony charges (which are oftentimes non-violent crimes related to drug use), they are simultaneously disenfranchised and rendered by most businesses unemployable. They are then primed to become cheap, and if incarcerated in some states, free sources of labor.

One can justifiably ask “where is God in light of such bald injustice? Why isn’t God doing something? Why is God allowing such injustice to ...

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