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State Sanctioned Execution and the Culture of Violence

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the phrase “state sanctioned execution” is the death penalty. There are only five nations in the world that still possess death penalty statues – China, North Korea, Iran, Yemen and the United States. According to Amnesty International, the death penalty does not deter crime, is the least cost effective form of punishment, is racially biased, and too often claims innocent lives.

On Good Friday 2017, it is important to recognize that state sanctioned execution is always wrapped in a culture of violence. Culture is comprised of the beliefs, values, arts, morals, laws and tastes of a people, organization, or nation. State sanctioned execution is normal in cultures where violence is commonplace...

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A New Afrikan Collective Consciousness

The First Afrikan Church has just completed a Lenten Bible Study entitled Lent and Africentric Christian Ministry in the Era of the Alt Right. During this study, reflections from the Lenten study guide entitled Lenten Reflections on the Belhar were coupled with selected biblical passages and questions containing power-filled Afrikan sociological notions like Ubuntu, Harambee, and  Umoja to discern the sort of witness that Afrikan descended peoples in North America must bear as racism, xenophobia, sexism and classism boldly, unashamedly and even arrogantly conjoin in the highest offices in the land. Several revelations were evident.

Social, economic, and spiritual unity (Umoja) is the most powerful and effective antidote Afrikans and all other aggrieved, exploited, and oppressed peoples ca...

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